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Summer Fun: Start playing:

Here at ifimblr, all our writers are intimately involved in the music world. We’re aspiring artists, promoters, producers, or roadies with a passion for playing. So, we’re encouraging all our readers to get out there and start chasing your dreams this summer!

Summertime is the right time to get started playing guitar, whether it’s around a campfire or by the beach.

We asked our resident axe-heads to come up with their master list of easy-to-learn songs. Here’s what they suggested:

Wonderwall (Oasis)
Heart of Gold (Neil Young)
All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan)
Strawberry Fields (Beatles)
Out on the Weekend (Neil Young)

Start with these classics, and you’ll be rocking up to an open mic in no time. We also had our Editors suggest their personal favorite sources for solid guitar reviews, to get you all the info from shopping for your guitar to finding the best acoustic electric guitar. It’s all at


Game of Thrones Season 6 Soundtrack to be released on a 3LP set.

Here’s some awesome music news for the fantasy nerds out there, and pretty much everyone else on the planet (I mean, who DOESN’T watch GoT?) Ramin Djawdi has, according to nearly every critic, outdone himself on the score for this past series, and the music is as epic as ever. If you haven’t seen the finale yet, we’re not going to spoil it for you, but suffice it to say there’s an incredible buildup which we’ll be listening back to again and again. Look for this in your local record shop! We got our hands on a copy last week, and the vinyl sounds amazing. 


Adele Plays Triumphant Glastonbury Set.

In one of the least traditional headliner slots in recent history, pop superstar songstress Adele headlined the UK’s largest festival this past week. Normally reserved for big rock acts like the Rolling Stones or Foo Fighters (two of the biggest acts in the last few years), the Friday night slot was handed over to one of the great queens of the pop world.

With a whole host of grannies taking to the festival field, Glastonbury actually saw record crowds, despite concern from some critics beforehand. Adele took to the stage after a day of support acts, and started (how else?) with 2015 smash hit “Hello”. But, since being human is one of Adele’s most appealing qualities to many fans, she flubbed one of the lines in the song, and paused for a moment to shriek “this is fucking amazing!” mid-verse. Well, it’s just as well, because the BBC, who broadcast the show, actually began with a pre-show warning about Adele’s tendency to swear throughout her gigs, and she certainly kept to her reputation.

In the end, after playing a hit-packed set that lasted several hours, Adele her self confessed that she didn’t want the evening to ever end, and that it had been her best gig yet. We can’t help but agree! Check out footage on Youtube-just seeing the crowd singalong is worth the price of admission. Here’s to more out of the box female headliners next year!


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